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Fresh And Alive Rad Zero, 1 oz


Scalar energy charged ORMES formula to support the removal of harmful internal radiocontamination.

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Rad Zero is a formula of scalar energy enhanced, hyper-extreme oxygen-saturated spring water that supports tissue regeneration with benefical scalar energy frequencies. Rad Zero also contains the anti-frequencies of ionizing nuclear radiation found in nuclear fallout and smog, as well as frequencies to support protection from non-ionizing electromagnetic radiation (such as with wireless technologies), combined with the frequency of Alive Iodine monatomic iodine. (Although Rad Zero does not replace Alive Iodine, it does enhance its function after the regimen is complete.)

Rad Zero is neither based on homeopathy nor "radionics," but rather on an offshoot of Tesla technology that charges and structures monatomic (ORMES) minerals found in natural spring water with scalar energy (aka zero point energy) of certain frequencies that alter the atomic structure of the minerals, making them emit scalar waves with frequencies that interfere with radioactive elements. This scalar energy also affects water molecule clustering, which in turn alters water clustering within the body. The water is also programmed with the subatomic frequency of oxygen, yielding effects similar to extreme oxygen content.

Rad Zero’s hyper-extreme oxygen content seems to exponentiate wireless communication to the body’s hundred trillion cells to quickly “zero-out” radio-contamination, as has been cross-confirmed by high-tech radiation tests typically obtained from large teaching hospitals or private laboratories. Up until Rad Zero, current research shows no holistic/allopathic product or regimen to date has completely zeroed-out any internally radio-contaminated person, including decorporation pharmaceutical/therapy options admittedly marginally effective and high risk (Marcus, 2006).

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Scalar energy charged ORMES spring water with frequencies to support removal of harmful radiation and protection from electromagnetic fields.

12 drops once per day under the tongue until 2 to 3 ounces have been used. If flying, traveling to radioacontaminated areas, or living in areas of higher exposure such as Japan, Hawaii, California, etc., or for those working in nuclear plants or nuclear medicine, 12 drops once per day is recommended before, during, and after exposure. Since people and conditions are different, always monitor and measure exposure and contamination levels and seek guidance from a licensed health practitioner.

Serving Size

12 Drops


Store at room temperature, no refrigeration necessary.

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