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Fresh And Alive Rest Shield Plus Power Supply 25' Extension Cord
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For extending the distance between the Rest Shield Plus and its battery and/or between the battery and power supply (AC power supply or solar panel). See image below for wiring configurations.

The solar powered Rest Shield Plus model needs at least 6 hours of sunlight per day (cloudy or full sun) on its solar panel to keep its battery charged. If you buy a Rest Shield Plus and you want to put it in a very shady spot but need to put the solar panel in a sunny spot away from the device to keep your battery charged, you can use these extension cords to extend the length of the cord going from the Rest Shield Plus to its solar panel.

If you live in an extremely cold climate where temperatures can drop below zero Fahrenheit (-18 centigrade), you may need to protect the battery by placing it in a garage, greenhouse, shed or other warmer protected place to prevent the battery electrolytes from freezing. (The AC powered Rest Shield Plus can take temperatures well below zero Fahrenheit since the power supply keeps the battery electrolytes from freezing.) So you can use these extension cords to place the battery in a warmer place, while leaving the Rest Shield Plus and solar panel where you choose.


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  • Rest Shield Plus Wiring Diagrams

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Receive cutting-edge news for regaining or maintaining optimal health naturally