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Media Help

Adobe Flash Player Required To View Video on

We use either embedded YouTube videos, Adobe Flash, or HTML 5 H.264 video format. All formats can be played on Intel PCs, Apple computers, and other computers. However, many tablets and cell phones cannot play Flash video. Because YouTube uses Adobe Flash format for video, you will need to have the Adobe Flash plug-in installed in your web browser. Most web browsers now come with the Flash Player installed, however, if your browser will not play audio or video on our site, you may need to install the Adobe Flash plug-in:

Adobe Flash Player* Online Help
*Required for media on

Playing Flash Video on iPhone, iPad, or other Non-Flash Platforms

Apple iPhone or iPad users cannot view Flash content in native browsers, however, you can install the Puffin Browser to view Flash content on these platforms.

Playing MP3 Audio

We use MP3 format for audio. Most browsers now have MP3 players built into them, but if your browser won't play our audio files, you may need to install a media player like Windows Media Player, Apple iTunes, Apple QuickTime, Microsoft Silverlight, Adobe Flash Player, Real Player, WinAmp. Normally these players will install a plugin for your browser to play audio files in your web browser. You can also save the MP3 audio file to your computer (see "To save files to your hard drive" below) and then play it with an external media player, such as Windows Media Player, Apple iTunes, Apple QuickTime, Real Player, WinAmp, or other.

Playing Audio or Video Over a High Speed Internet Connection (Cable, DSL, T1)

Streaming media is audio or video that is delivered over the Internet to your computer immediately in real time; a copy of the media file is not saved on your computer hard drive, therefore, you need a fast active Internet connection while listening/viewing, such as cable or DSL. With a slower Internet connection such as with a slow wireless connection or dial-up telephone modem, the stream may be interrupted occasionally while you are playing it. If that occurs, the file will automatically restart where it left off as soon as a new connection is made. You must also have a software "plug-in" installed in your web browser to play the video or audio in your web browser. A web browser is just the software program you use to surf the internet with, for example, Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, or Apple Safari.

Playing Audio or Video Over a Dial-Up Connection

Downloadable media is audio or video that is copied to your computer hard drive and then available for repeated play from your computer. This typically works best if you have a slower connection such as dial-up and play is interrupted frequently. Your dial-up connection must be running to download the file, but once the file is copied to your hard disk, you may play it without being connected to the internet. You must also have media player software installed on your computer to play the media file, such as Windows Media Player, Apple iTunes, Apple QuickTime, Real Player, WinAmp, or other, most of which are free and available by download below. Some players install web browser plug-ins that will allow the media to be played in your web browser without opening a separate player program.

To save files to your hard drive:

  • PC: Right-click on the link, select "Save Link As..." or "Save Link Target As...," and save to your hard drive.
  • Mac: Hold the Control and Option keys on your keyboard while clicking on the link, select "Download Linked File As...," or "Download Link Target..." or "Download Link To Disk," and save to your hard disk.

Media Player Downloads and Online Help For Audio and Video

Media Player for Other Platforms
VLC Media Player


Copyright Notice

Please remember, all media files are copyrighted material. You may view or listen, and share them with others as long as you credit their source. Distributing, viewing, or reselling the material for commercial purposes is strictly prohibited without written consent from Rohla Enterprises, Inc. Please see our copyright policies for more details.

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