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Facts on and solutions for nuclear radiation, geoengineering pollutants, and more.

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Ken Rohla and host Henrik Palmgren discuss scalar energy, monoatomic elements (ORMUS), orgone, orgonite, the work of Wilhelm Reich and Karl Hans Welz, ormusite and how to use the properties of crystals and other materials for healing purposes. We also put focus on free energy, water purification systems, and how to create vortexes that express magical physics. Rohla shares his findings on how to detoxify from nuclear fallout and geoengineering pollutants. He'll also talk about how to revert the effects of genetically modified organisms (GMOs) and how to heal DNA. In the second hour, we discuss HHO gas and his work with Yull Brown, the inventor. Ken puts emphasis on the importance of detoxification to manage anger and aggression. He explains how unprocessed emotional trauma creates energetic knots that ultimately cause stress and disease in the body. Later, Ken discusses the murder of Martin Luther King and new information that has come to light. He worked with Coretta King, Martin's wife and has a personal relationship to this case.

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