Azomite® ORMUS Mineral Powder, 2 lbs.


Azomite® is a fine alkaline (pH 8.0) volcanic mineral powder with a wide spectrum of over 70 minerals and trace elements, and monatomic elements (aka, ORMUS) used for remineralizing soils and as an inexpensive, high quality nutritional supplement for animals. It can be added to plant and animal foods or fermented foods to increase mineral content; decomposition by microbes will make the minerals more bioavailable.

Azomite is a silica clay mined in Utah that came from ancient volcanic eruptions that deposited ash in a nearby lake bed. The area later over time was submerged under the ocean and had hundreds of rivers flowing into it, depositing even more ORMUS-rich minerals. Volcanoes, ocean water, and river water are high sources of ORMUS elements. This is a unique source of high ORMUS minerals found nowhere else in the world.

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Minerals in Azomite®

In a typical chemical assay, Azomite® contains more than 70 trace minerals which include many rare earth elements (lanthanides). Many of these elements have been depleted from soils worldwide. See the complete typical analysis of Azomite®. In animals, AZOMITE has been shown in scientific studies to bind some mycotoxins typically found in animal feed as well as improving Average Daily Gain (ADG), Feed Conversion Ratio (FCR), and reducing mortality rates even in the absence of any mycotoxins. There is speculation that the presence of approximately 70 trace minerals may be the reason for these results, and may improve the health of animals who ingest the product.

What about heavy metals?

There are some web sites that warn not to ingest Azomite since it contains heavy metals like arsenic, antimony, cadmium, lead, mercury, etc. It is important to understand these elements are in trace amounts, and are necessary for health in trace amounts. Azomite® has a long history of ingestion by humans and animals, especially farm animals, and is generally recognized as safe (GRAS) by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA), although it is not approved by them for human consumption. Azomite is approved for use in animal feed by the Association of American Feed Control Officials (AAFCO). The Weston Price Foundation, a leader in human nutrition, also recommends Azomite as a high quality inexpensive mineral supplement.

Suggested Use

For Animals

One to three tablespoons daily, in water, juice, or feed. In animals, minerals need vitamins to be assimilated, and both are aided by probiotics and enzymes, so it's always a good idea to also supplement with vitamins, probiotics, and enzyme supplements along with minerals for better utilization. Azomite® is a little gritty, but has a fairly neutral taste. It may be mixed with other nutritional supplements. Two pounds will last for several months at the recommended use. Does not need refrigeration or special storage, just keep it dry.

Can Humans Consume Azomite?

Azomite is not made, stored, or shipped in food grade facilities, therefore we cannot recommend it for human consumption. But many people do consume Azomite as a mineral supplement, and The Weston Price Foundation notes it as an inexpensive mineral supplement.

For Plants

Azomite® will not burn plants and therefore can be used extensively mixed in with or sprinkled on top of soil or mulch. Watering will wash Azomite® into the soil, so apply to the breadth of branch spread to treat plant root zone. Can be used with potted plants and seedlings as well as in gardens. For gardening use, it is much more economical to buy Azomite in 44 pound bags online (we do not sell the large bags).


Weight: 2 lbs.
Size: Approx. 8 in. x 6 in. x 2 in.