Sunday, October 30, 2016 — Deland, FL

2 to 4 pm
Deland Institute Of Noetic Science (IONS)
DeLand Library
130 E Howry Ave
DeLand, FL 32724
Tel: 386-822-6430

Free Talk by Ken Rohla: "The Physics of How Consciousness Creates Reality"

You may have heard the concept that consciousness creates reality, or heard of the "law of attraction," or other "laws" of how consciousness works, but did you know there is scientific evidence of how consciousness creates reality, not metaphorically, but literally? When you understand the mechanisms of how consciousness creates physical reality, not just influences one's perception of reality, then you can use specific techniques in your daily life to enhance your ability to consciously create the reality that you want, using tried and true ancient wisdom as well as cutting-edge modern technologies. We are all part of a divine interlinked galactic matter energy system, and understanding how you function as part of that system or energy circuit can have many profound and practical applications in your life. Come hear Ken Rohla discuss how breakthroughs in cymatics, scalar physics, epigenetics, astronomy and cosmology, food, water, energy practices, healing arts, and more have greatly expanded our understanding of how to consciously create an uplifting, empowered life for yourself. Ken will share simple, practical things you can do in your life, from your kitchen to your garden to how you meditate, and more! Bring paper and writing instrument, Ken always gives out a lot of very specific useful info!

Fri-Sun, April 7-9, 2017 — Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Free Your Mind Conference
Sheraton Bucks County Hotel
400 N Oxford Valley Road
Langhorne, PA 19047

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Free Your Mind Conference

Ken's talk subject to be announced, stay tuned!

Other speakers include:

  • Michael Cremo, archeological researcher and author of the book Forbidden Archeology. Michael challenges Darwinian evolution in his 900+ pages of well-documented evidence in his book, suggesting that modern man did not evolve from ape man, but instead has co-existed with apes for millions of years.
  • Jim Marrs, New York Times best-selling author and researcher on government conspiracies and cover-ups, secret societies, UFOs, and extraterrestrials
  • Michael Tsarion, author and alternative historian, Michael Tsarion is an expert on the occult history of Ireland and America, and the consequences to civilization of extraterrestrial involvement. Michael answers many of the quandaries that have puzzled other "visitation" experts.
  • Bob Tuskin of the Bob Tuskin Radio Show
  • Ty Bollinger, author and cancer researcher, whose life mission is to share the most remarkable discovery he made on his quest: the vast majority of all diseases (including cancer) can be easily prevented and even cured without drugs or surgery.
  • Laura Eisenhower, granddaughter of president Dwight D. Eisenhower, activist, and whistleblower working to liberate humanity from the military industrial complex.
  • and many more!