Saturday, December 5, 2015 — Mount Dora, Florida

1 to 3 pm
Vitality Bistro
301 N Baker Street
Mount Dora, FL 32757
Tel: 352-735-8411

RSVP and purchase of an entrée required. Call 352-735-8411 to reserve your place.
Please arrive early, seating is first come, first served.

Lunch and talk by Ken Rohla: "How to Reverse GMOs and Grow Your Own Nutrient-Dense Superfoods for Pennies"

Fermented EM ORMUS BrewAre you concerned about the health effects and environmental consequences of genetically modified plants, animals, and microbes? Do you think eating organic, vegan, or raw/living food is all you need in your diet to stay healthy? Even most organic food is sadly lacking in nutrients these days, and most raw food supplements and "superfoods" contain mold and often do not even contain what is listed on their labels. But all is NOT lost! There are ways to revert GMO DNA in plants and animals back to the orignal non-GMO forms, and heal GMO damage in the body. Ken Rohla will show you how to test your own food in your own kitchen to see for yourself what you are actually eating, or rather, what you're not! But what can you do about nutrient depleted organic food that comprises the majority of what's available to us? No matter how lmited your space, time, or money, Ken will show you specifcally how you can grow, ferment, sprout, and create your own superfoods, supplements, and medicines beyond organic, beyond biodynamic, for massive nutrition and healing power. Ken will reveal ancient secrets and modern discoveries for creating superfoods and supplements with high amounts of extremely regenerative ORMUS minerals, and imbue them with very healing subtle scalar and other energies. Ken will also tell you how to use the same techniques to make your own kombucha (healing tea), pet supplements, plant food, plant growth accelerator, compost accelerator, nontoxic household cleaner, odor eliminator, mold and mildew remover, and more. Bring paper and writing instrument, Ken always gives out a lot of very specific useful info!


Sunday, December 6, 2015 — Tallahassee, Florida

4 to 6 pm
Abundance Wellness Center
325 John Knox Rd, Bldg T, Suite 1 Tallahassee, FL 32303
Tel: 850-545-3978

$10 advance registration required.


Talk by Ken Rohla: "Staying Healthy in an Era of Biowarfare, GMOs, and Geoengineering"

Ken Rohla speakingWe are living in an era of germ warfare, geoengineering, and genetic manipulation of not only plants and animals, but also microbes. Publicly these GM microbes are promoted for beneficial use in agriculture, medicine, and other applications, but there are also more sinister military applications, including "non-lethal" biological and chemical weapons. Whatever the application, these GM microbes are toxic and can be very virulent and resistant to anti-pathogenic drugs and natural supplements. These GM "superbugs" are showing up in most people's bodies now and are usually not properly identified as GM organisms or biowarfare agents, nor do most medical doctors know how to identify or treat them.

"Geoengineers" are also now publicly admitting to dumping 10 to 20 million metric tons of barium, aluminum, and strontium powders, sulfuric acid, hydrogen sulfide, sulfur dioxide and other pollutants into the atmosphere each year. (See the documentary, Why in the World are They Spraying? for more details.) Some scientists and researchers like former NIH and govt molecular biologist and artificial intelligence scientist Vincent Freeman, The Carnicom Institute, Dr. Leonard Horowitz, and Sofia Smallstorm, are finding biowarfare agents in these aerosols being sprayed, and a connection to diseases like Morgellon's Syndrome.

Come hear Ken Rohla share solutions to these problems that you can do to protect yourself, your family, your food and water, and your property. Bring paper and writing instrument, Ken always gives out a lot of very specific useful info!