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Vancouver Island Ormus C-FOAM Ocean Mineral Cream, 100 Grams
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Vancouver Island Ormus Ocean Mineral Cream is a desalinated extract of alkalized ocean minerals derived from the Pacific Ocean. It contains over 70 minerals, elements, and macronutrients, including platinum and gold group elements. This product is extensively filtered, sterilized, induction sealed, and does not expire. Ocean Mineral Cream is a more concentrated version of Ocean Mineral Substrate (approximately 5 times more concentrated).

For use on abrasions, acne, bites, blisters, bruises, burns, chapped lips, cold sores, cuts, dry skin, hives, inflammation, moles, punctures, rashes, scars, scrapes, sores, sunburns, ulcers, warts, and much more!

Please note, this is an aqueous mineral cream, not a moisturizing cream. It is slightly astringent, dries to a powder on the skin, and helps tighten skin; it is not for moisturizing.You may want to use a skin moisturizer like Miracle II Skin Moisturizer after using the ORMUS cream.

100% Natural | GMO Free | Allergen Free | Vegan | Sustainably Sourced


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  • Weight: 150 g (5.3 oz)

    Dimensions: 12 × 12 × 12 cm (4.7 x 4.7 x 4.7 in)


    Apply directly to affected area, 1 to 2 grams or until affected area is completely covered. Reapply as needed. Will leave white film when dry. Will absorb rapidly in damaged areas. Apply frequently for best results.


    Suggested serving: 1 gram. Take alone or added to food or drink.


    Add 1 gram of cream per 1 gallon (4 litres) of water. Mix well, water plants with solution.


    Do not refrigerate. Do not freeze. Do not microwave. Keep sealed when not in use.

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