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Omica Shilajit ORMUS Mineral Powder, 4 Oz
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Shilajit is a highly bioavailable mineral supplement abundant in over 70 plant-based trace minerals, amino acids,

fulvic acid, olmic acid, and ORMUS (monatomic) elements, sourced from a high-altitude region (above 7000 feet) in

the Himalayan Mountains.

The low-heat raw extraction method used for our powders produces one of the purest forms of Shilajit available, abundant in plant-based trace minerals, amino acids, and naturally-occurring high concentrations of Fulvic acid. Omica Organics shilajit is a full-spectrum water extract, solvent-free, and without fillers.

  • Wild Crafted
  • Sourced Directly From above 8,000 ft. in the Indian Himalayas
    Naturally High Fulvic Acid Content
  • Low-Heat, Solvent-Free Extraction (below 96°F)
  • Processed in an FDA GMP and ISO 9001:2008 Certified Facility
  • Packaged in the USA
  • No Fertilizers, Chemicals, Pesticides
  • All Natural, Raw, Vegan/Vegetarian, Gluten-Free
  • Not Irradiated
  • No Fillers or Binders
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  • 1/4 teaspoon per day. May be mixed with any beverage or food. Can add a small amount by taste to foods before fermenting them.


    Store in a cool, dry place out of reach of children.


    OmicaOrganics' Shilajit is collected in only one proprietary area, and every batch is tested by a 3rd-party laboratory for:

    • fulvic and humic acid levels
    • traces of cadmium, lead, arsenic, mercury and other heavy metals
    • indications of yeast, mold, e-coli, microbials, and salmonella

    Lab Reports

    Each batch of raw materials is tested in a third-party laboratory prior to processing and packaging.

    Results of Fulvic Acid Lab Test (46K PDF file)

    Results of Toxicology Lab Test (83K PDF file)

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  • Product Description

    Omica Black Shilajit is is considered a mineral adaptogen, supporting strength, stamina, and stress relief. Omica's proprietary mineral-rich shilajit is higher quality than other shilajit's on the market. Fulvic and ulmic acids (soluble grey humic acid) are created by the breakdown of organic plant material in soil and are highly effective natural chelators of toxins and waste in the body. Shilajit has a strong smokey coffee-like flavor. It can be eaten as is, added to drinks (teas and coffee work well), salads, soups, or added to homemade fermented foods, beverages, or probiotics at the beginning of fermentation to increase bioavailable minerals and ORMUS elements. Processed with no high heat; contains no fillers or solvents.


    • Low-heat (below 118°F) solvent-free extraction
    • No fillers
    • No fertilizers, chemicals, pesticides
    • Ethically Wild-Crafted
    • 100% direct from above 6,000 feet altitude in the Indian Himalayan mountains
    • All natural, raw, vegan/vegetarian
    • Packaged In the US in Miron violet glass jars
    • Not irradiated
    • Fulvic acid content near 50%

    Miron Violet Glass Packaging

    Miron Glass was developed using the science of biophotonics. Findings have shown that once the cells of plant and/or herbal material such as shilajit mature, the effects of the sun's rays no longer nurture, but begin to accelerate the molecular decaying process. Miron violet glass works as a natural filter that lets in only those rays that lengthen durability and potency.

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Receive cutting-edge news for regaining or maintaining optimal health naturally