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Excalibur Paraflexx Premium Nonstick Dehydrator Drying Sheets
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Why buy cheap generic brand drying sheets when you can buy Excalibur's premium quality nonstick Paraflexx sheets for less than the cheap sheets? They'll last many years longer without the creasing and cracking. Paraflexx sheets are used for drying wet liquids and batters for crackers, fruit rolls and leathers, raw tortillas and wraps, puréed fruits, yogurt, and sticky foods. A full set for every tray in your dehydrator is a must for serious raw foodists since dehydrated foods are full of flavor and tend to be popular and eaten quickly. May be used with any dehydrator, though they measure 14" x 14" to fit Excalibur 5 and 9 tray models.


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  • Which non-stick sheets should I use, Ultra, Premium, or Generic?

    ParaFlexx Premium sheets are Teflon-coated fabric, ParaFlexx Ultra are are a bit thicker silicone-coated fabric. Unbranded sheets are generic Teflon coated fabric and are typically thinner, more prone to wrinkling and cracking, and shorter-lived. We at Fresh And Alive have been using these sheets for many years and have found the premium grade are plenty robust to last many years with proper care. The Ultra sheets are unnecessary unless you tend to handle them roughly when washing. Rough handling is not really necessary since anything that sticks to the sheets comes off very easily.

  • Care:

    Wash with a soapy cloth or sponge and rinse after each use.

    Can I use these in the Sedona Dehydrator?

    No, these are 14" x 14", the Sedona requires 15.25" x 13" sheets.

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