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Fresh And Alive Scalar Energy Home Shield
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Note: both models require a battery that you supply to work, the battery is not optional.

The Home Shield is an electrically powered scalar energy generator that is placed outdoors to help reduce the effects of electromagnetic field (EMF) pollution in your house and yard, promote deeper sleep and reduce stress within the home, provide wide area environmental protection, improve plant growth, reduce the prevalence of pest insects and help protect the health of beneficial insects such as honey bees and pollinators, and more. This device has the power of seven of our Rest Shield devices contained in one weather- and theft-resistant package that covers a 100-foot radius in all directions, but offers additional wide-area environmental benefits.

The Home Shield is placed outdoors, ideally within 30 feet or so of bedrooms. It should not be used indoors. While not harmful, chronic close exposure may make you feel unbalanced (too much of a good thing), especially for energy sensitive people. For indoor use, please see our Rest Shield.

The Home Shield helps improve sleep, helps relieve stress and stress-related issues, helps to reduce or eliminate jet lag, helps relax the body and mind, helps reduce the effects of EMF pollution, and due to better rest, helps improve performance during waking hours. It helps you sleep more deeply, or while awake, to be more relaxed without feeling tired, lethargic, or dumbed down.

The Home Shield also helps improve fermentation, results of massage or other body work, exercise, meditation, and homeopathic structure of water and water-based fluids. See more information under the tabs below.


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  • The Home Shield is an electrically powered subtle energy device that emits a type of subtle energy called a scalar, or quantum, field that promotes deep sleep and has several other beneficial effects. The device combines several advanced technologies including scalar field physics and monatomic elements, aka ORMUS. Scalar waves are a type of quantum physical energy composed of faster-than-light (superluminal) photonic (light) energy sometimes referred to as tachyons or other names that can have beneficial and even healing effects on living organisms. ORMUS, or ORMES, is an acronym for Orbitally Rearranged Monatomic Elements, in essence platinum group minerals and select others that can exist as superconductors under certain conditions with very unique properties.

    The Home Shield is not a medical device and we make no medical or health claims, however, Home Shield users report the following benefits:

    For a 100-foot (33-meter) radius:

    • Supports deeper, more restful sleep
    • Supports stress reduction
    • Helps reduce effects of electromagnetic pollution
    • Supports increased energy levels
    • Helps delay and reduce fatigue
    • Supports calmer and happier mood
    • Helps reduce jet lag
    • Supports increased sense of well-being, strength, and stamina
    • Helps improve results of massage and body work, meditation, and other spiritual practices
    • Helps reduce anger or frustration
    • Helps improve structure of water or water-based liquids. See the work of Dr. Masaru Emoto, Dr. Martin Chaplin, Teruo Higa, Viktor Schauberger, Sang Whang, and others. (Remember, the body is 70% or more water.)
    • Better yields and faster growth of ferments

    For a 100-yard (100-meter) radius:

    • Improves plant growth and health
    • Helps reduce pest insects, helps improve health of honeybees and other pollinators
    • Helps reduce molds and plant parasites

    The Home Shield is not a medical device and we make no medical or health claims, but in our testing, development, and use we have found that it can:

    • Promote deep, restful sleep, thus getting better rested, refreshed, and needing fewer hours of sleep.

    • Help reduce stress and enhance relaxation in people, animals, plants, and bacteria cultures (as in fermented foods, compost, etc.). It does this in people and animals by slowing frequencies of brain waves, the nervous system, cells and other processes down to those found in deep sleep states while sleeping, and deep meditation states while awake, without dumbing you down or making you lethargic.

    • Help reduce harmful effects of electromagnetic pollution from electrical and electronic technologies such as cell phones, computers and wireless networks, television and radio, building wiring and lighting, airport and military radar, power generation and the electric grid, satellite transmissions, and more. It puts you in an approximately 100-foot radius protective pulsing scalar energy bubble that mimics being on the Earth before any man-made electromagnetic pollution existed. (Human cells communicate via radio frequencies that are interfered with by EMF emissions. See the 1994 Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine for evidence of this.)

    • Encourage cellular regeneration, so users rebound faster from injury, exertion, stress, athletic performance, etc.

    • Help prevent or reduce the effects of jet lag and driving fatigue. By getting deeper more restful sleep the body is better able to fend off the effects from travel, especially when crossing the earth's magnetic field lines quickly as when traveling by air.

    • Help reduce the prevalence of pest/biting insects and protect the health of beneficial insects such as honey bees and pollinators.

    • In ferments, de-stress and strengthen probiotic bacteria to increase yields and reduce fermentation time in ferments. (Does not strengthen or help pathogenic microbes.)

    • Help improve the results of massage or other body work, exercise, and meditation.

    • Improve the homeopathic structure (molecular clustering) of water and water-based fluids. See the work of Dr. Masaru Emoto, Dr. Martin Chaplin, Teruo Higa, Viktor Schauberger, Sang Whang, and others. (Remember, the body is 70% or more water.)
  • Two Power Options

    The Home Shield comes with your choice of two power supply options:

    1. AC wall outlet power with battery backup for protection even when your power goes out, or

    2. solar/battery power with AC wall outlet power backup. This model is for locations not near AC wall outlet power, or for those who wish to avoid power cords. It also comes with an AC wall outlet backup power supply for northern climates that receive less than 6 hours of sunlight per day, or if your battery gets drained. The solar option needs at least 6 hours of sunlight per day to stay charged and run 24/7. Even with cloudy days, the solar powered Home Shield can maintain 24/7 operation. The charger repairs sulfated batteries and can be used a couple of times per year to charge and repair the battery, making it last longer.

    Either choice allows your Home Shield to run 24/7.

    What's Included

    The Home Shield comes with all necessary cables and a shade screen to protect it from damaging summer heat to extend the life of the device. The AC power model comes with a power supply that not only keeps the backup battery charged, it also de-sulfates and maintains the battery, extending battery life. You can expect a new 12-volt lawn tractor battery to last for years running 24/7.

    The solar power model comes with a 6-watt solar panel charger that keeps the battery charged, AND an AC power supply to be used instead of the solar panel as a backup, particularly if you live in northern climates with less than 6 hours of sunlight per day.

    Battery Not Included

    Note: the battery is required as part of the circuit, it is NOT optional for either power supply options. You provide an inexpensive U1 type 12-volt lawn tractor battery commonly available at home centers, big box discount stores, auto parts stores, farm supply stores, etc. This reduces your cost since shipping lead-acid batteries with hazmat fees is quite expensive.

    Extension Cords Available

    The Home Shield comes with plug and play 25-foot cords between the Home Shield, battery, and power supply (see picture below). You can buy additional extension cords to extend either cord so you can place the AC powered model beyond 50 feet from a wall outlet, or with the solar powered model, to position the Home Shield, battery, and power supply just where you want them to provide protection for the battery and power supply in extreme climates, or to place the Home Shield in a shady spot while the solar panel sits in a sunny spot.

    Home Shield Extension Cord Placement
  • Operation

    The Home Shield is simple to install and use. (See the "Videos" tab above for setup details.) Place the device outdoors on a surface above the ground between 10 and 30 feet (3 to 10 meters) from the outside of your living space, ideally outside of bedrooms, to optimize assistance with sleep.

    The Home Shield runs 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and is designed for many years of reliable service. (The battery is not supplied due to the expense of shipping a heavy battery with hazardous material service, but a U1 type 12-volt lawn tractor battery can be purchased for about $40 at home centers, big box discount stores, auto parts stores, farm supply stores, etc.

    The solar power option includes the AC power option as well, so you can use the AC charger 2 or 3 times per year to de-sulfate/repair the battery for longer life, or if you live in far northern climates with less than 6 hours of sunlight per day in the winter, you can run the Home Shield on AC power during that time.

    Solar Powered Home Shield Installation

    Stick the solar panel mast into the ground next to the Home Shield and connect its wire to the battery. Then connect the remaining wire to the Home Shield and a 12-volt type U1 lawn tractor (riding lawn mower) battery or larger automotive or marine battery. Note: the battery is required as part of the circuit, it is NOT optional for either power supply options. The red lead wire connects to the positive battery terminal, and the black lead to the negative battery terminal. That's it! (Automotive, marine, and larger 12-volt lead acid vehicle batteries will work, but typically have round post terminals that the Home Shield leads cannot attach to, so you would need to install battery post terminals and attach the Home Shield leads to them, which may require some mechanical skills.) The small LED on the Home Shield will flash on and off indicating it is working.

    The solar panel simultaneously runs the Home Shield and charges the battery during the day (even in low light or on cloudy days). At night the Home Shield runs on battery power. The solar panel keeps the battery charged so the Home Shield will run for years without replacing the battery. Because the Home Shield uses so little power, it can actually run for days even if the battery is not charged, so a string of cloudy days won’t interfere with its operation, in fact, even on cloudy days there is enough light to keep the battery charged.

    Solar Home Shield Wiring

    AC Powered Home Shield Installation

    Note: the battery is required as part of the circuit, it is NOT optional for either power supply options. Connect the Home Shield to the battery with the provided cable, and then connect the battery to the AC power supply/battery charger/maintainer. Plug the charger into a wall outlet (120 or 240 volt), then press the "Mode" button to select "12V" charging mode. You're done! The power supply will keep the battery charged and maintained, de-sulfating it as needed, and adjusting power output for the ambient air temperature. The small LED on the Home Shield will flash on and off indicating it is working.

    AC Powered Home Shield Wiring

    How The Home Shield Works

    The Home Shield helps to reduce stress and stress-related issues by creating a subtle energy field around the body that structures or alters electromagnetic energy from other sources that interfere with cellular communication and stress the body, brain, nervous system, and consequently, the mind and emotions. Its scalar field also "entrains" the brain waves to slow down by pulsing at a frequency that is soothing and calming. For example, listening to music is a form of brain entrainment, fast music excites you, calm, soothing music relaxes you.

    There are several brain entrainment and frequency products on the market. Some use sound waves through headphones ("binaural beats"), some use magnetic fields, some use breathing or biofeedback exercises. Some of these products work well, but the problem with them is they require either significant amounts of your time, money, effort, or freedom. There are magnetic mats and devices that require you to be stationery, and they are expensive, well over $1,000. There are audio programs that require a CD player, headphones, your dedicated time, usually a lot of money, and months or years of your time. There are biofeedback devices that require being connected to a device, your time, and effort to do exercises to reduce stress. Most of these devices require being in skin contact and are not shareable. No other sleep aid device on the market works so well, especially with no effort or occupation of your time, and no negative side-effects

    Relaxing Brain Wave States

    Brain Waves

    To understand how the Home Shield relaxes the brain, a little background on how the brain works is helpful. Your brain and nervous system continually hum with electrical and sound impulses at various frequencies. Similar to when your car engine hums at a higher or slower pitch as you drive faster or slower, your brain also hums with electricity and sound according to what you're engaged in. During a normal waking state, your brain hums along at frequencies between 14 and 30 cycles per second (aka, Hertz, or Hz), known as the beta state. If you are engaged in something exciting or even traumatic, such as a roller coaster ride or car accident for example, your brain wave states may go to the high end of that range, known as high beta. If you lie down and close your eyes, your brain waves will quickly slow to 9-13 Hertz, the alpha state. When you fall asleep at night and are in the dreaming stage, your brain slows to 4 to 8 Hertz, the theta state. Late into the night you go even deeper into the non-dreaming state known as the delta state, with even slower frequencies, around 1 to 3 Hertz. There are also brain waves at frequencies higher than beta (26 to 100 Hertz), known as gamma waves that are believed to be involved in higher mental function and perception.

    Certain practices like meditation will also slow down the brain wave states. Experienced meditators can slow their brain waves down to the theta or delta states while awake. Many people have studied these effects and brain wave states, and have created products or programs to relax and slow down the brain waves to relieve stress, achieve deeper more restful sleep, reduce jet lag, and reduce or eliminate stress-related issues.

    The Schumann Resonance and Brain EntrainmentSchumann Resonances

    When you listen to music, particularly with a drum beat, you get into the rhythm of the music and its beat, and the feelings it evokes from the arrangement of sound frequencies. A drum beat, a clock ticking, any pulsing beat will engage your brain and nervous system to follow the beat. If the beat is fast, corresponding to faster brain wave states, it will awaken and excite you, if it is slow, corresponding to slower relaxed brain wave states, it will relax you.

    In its natural state, the Earth has a set of extremely low frequency (ELF) energies that bounce around the atmosphere, and for living organisms, act like a mother's soothing heartbeat to her child. These ELF frequencies, known as the Schumann Resonance, are believed to be created by natural electrical phenomenon on Earth such as lightning, and extraterrestrial energies bombarding the Earth such as solar and cosmic radiation. These energies strike the surface of the Earth and bounce back up, hit the ionosphere and bounce back down. The various frequencies of energy bounce up and down about 7.8, 14.3, 20.8, 27.3 and 33.8 times per second (aka cycles per second, or Hertz) as they circumnavigate the globe. However, the proliferation of man-made electrical power systems and devices is interfering with the natural Schumann resonance and has accelerated it to almost double its natural state, stressing living organisms on the planet.

    Brain and Nervous System Shielding

    By structuring electromagnetic radiation around the body, the scalar field emitted by the Home Shield helps to reduce effects on the nervous system and brain from harmful extra low frequency (ELF) radiation. It also helps protect the autonomic nervous system and cells from the effects of harmful extremely low frequency (ELF) radiation from these technologies, and strengthens the body's energy meridians (as in acupuncture).

    The Home Shield's Nontoxic, Non-interfering Scalar FieldCoherent Waves

    The Home Shield emits a pulsing field and scalar waves that emanate outward about 75 miles in all directions. This energy passes through matter similar to the way radio waves do, but with no interference. Scalar waves, sometimes known as a torsion waves or tachyon energy, are spiraling waves of energy that move faster than the speed of light. Quantum physicists speculate that tachyon energy is where the physical meets the nonphysical in our universe, that is, where energy becomes solid matter. Unlike much slower conventional electromagnetic waves such as microwaves, radio waves, gamma rays (found in nuclear explosions), x-rays, etc., the Home Shield’s scalar waves do not have toxic or harmful effects on living organisms, due to their natural frequencies and low power output. Just as with other light energies like lasers and infrared energy, with the proper power and frequency it can either heal or harm. The Schumann Resonance and natural frequencies from minerals and crystals in the Home Shield create frequencies that only provide benefits, with no negative side effects. Scalar waves can effect conventional electromagnetic radiation, making the radiation "coherent" so that it passes through the body with minimal disruption to cellular communication, thus reducing cellular stress. This is how many EMF protection devices work.

    EMF Interference With Cellular Communication

    There is significant evidence that living cells communicate via and are effected by energetic signals as well as electrochemical reactions. See the books The Biology of Belief and other books by Dr. Bruce Lipton, The Genie in Your Genes, and the work of Fritz Albert Popp for an introduction. Cellular biologist Dr. Bruce Lipton and others have shown that cells communicate with their external environments and each other via “integral membrane proteins” (IMPs) that act as transmitting and receiving antennae for cellular communication. These signals carry vital information that is translated into biochemical and physiological processes of the body. Dr. Lipton and other epigeneticists have demonstrated that cellular function is affected by consciousness itself, which is a form of scalar energy (superluminal light) that Fritz Albert Popp called "biophotons." Dr. Martin Fussenegger, Professor of Biotechnology and Bioengineering at the Department of Biosystems Science and Engineering at ETH Zurich University and at the University of Basel in Zürich, Switzerland developed a device that uses external electric fields to trigger on-demand insulin release by cells inside the body, proving that external electromagnetic fields can affect cellular function. These are just a couple of examples of how EMF and scalar energy can affect cellular communication and function; there are many more. 

    Conventional manmade electromagnetic radiation can disrupt this cellular communication, resulting in abnormal cellular metabolism and consequently illness. The Home Shield helps reduce the effects of this EMF pollution on living cells by making EM waves coherent and therefore “quieter” when they pass through the body.

    Reduced Effects From Electromagnetic Pollution and Geopathic Stress

    Electricity running through any conductor emits an electromagnetic field (EMF). Consequently, all electrical devices and conveyors of electricity emit electromagnetic fields. The stronger the current or signal generation, the stronger the EMF. There are many sources of unnatural EMF on our planet now:

    • Electrical wiring & lighting in buildings
    • appliances (including computers, wireless computer networks, TVs, stereos, microwave ovens, clocks, radios, Telephones, etc.)
    • cell phones and their towers
    • electric motors (such as in refrigerators, air conditioners, furnaces)
    • electric generators, power transformers, electricity pylons, power lines, power substations, the world-wide electric grid, and other power systems
    • radar (airport, weather, & military: up to 250+ mile radius)
    • military applications (extra low frequency (ELF) transmissions for submarine & other communication, warfare, weaponry, and other technologies).

    According to environmental scientists and electrophysiologists Dr. George Carlo, Dr. Magda Havas, Dr. Robert O. Becker, Dr. Bob Beck, and others, we are immersed in a sea of electromagnetic pollution that is negatively affecting our health and our planet. A lot of research has and is being done on this, for example, The Bioinitiative 2012 Report cites 1,800 studies done on the damaging effects of EMF, while some industries such as cell phone manufacturers attempt to claim that EMF emissions such as cell phone microwave radiation is not harmful. But the wireless industry is a multi-trillion dollar industry, with the Apple iPhone alone close to a trillion dollars in sales, so can we really expect them to claim otherwise?

    Geopathic stress is believed to be stress on the body and immune system caused by harmful weak electromagnetic fields (EMF) from the Earth caused by underground running water, certain mineral concentrations, fault lines and underground cavities that interfere with the Earth's normal EMF. While controversial, if such EMF effects exist, the Home Shield might help with such stress as well.

    Strengthened and Accelerated Plant Growth

    Since the Home Shield reduces stress on all living organisms, plants grow considerably faster and tend to be healthier in the Home Shield’s field. Disease, blights, pests, drought, heat, cold, and other stressors have much less effect on plants within the Home Shield’s field. But that appears not to be the only reason why plants excel in the Home Shield field. We have observed with plants growing in water only over a two-week period, radically accelerated growth while consuming no water. How is this possible? Plants primarily create their mass from carbon in the carbon dioxide in air, not from absorbing minerals or water from the soil. Sunlight (photonic energy) acts a a catalyst in this process. Scalar waves are superluminal light, that is photonic energy traveling at millions of times the conventional speed of light. This exposure to superluminal light appears to have a significant effect on the conversion of CO2 into carbon, and other plant processes. We have also observed molds and blights on citrus trees and other plants disappear within two months during the hot, humid summers of Florida.

    Better Yields and Faster Growth of Ferments, Suppression of Molds and Parasites

    We have observed accelerated growth and increased nutrient yields when fermenting foods like krauts, kefirs, kombucha, vinegar, and probiotics like Effective Microorganisms (EM) within the Home Shield’s field. Because of the inherent natural frequencies produced by the Home Shield’s Schumann Resonance pulse, minerals, and other harmonics, the Home Shield does not promote the growth of pathogens, molds, fungi, or parasitic organisms; rather, it has been observed to reduce or eliminate them. For example, we have observed kombucha cultures left dormant for over a year exposed to some ambient household air with no contamination of the culture at all. This was in a 27 year old house in Florida, a home with past mold issues, in a state known for high levels of molds, in which kombucha cultures became contaminated within two weeks of going dormant without the Home Shield presence.

    Reduction of Pest Insects, Improved Health of Honeybees and Pollinators

    We have observed improved health of honey bees, their hives, and wild pollinators within several hundred yards of the Home Shield. We have also observed significant reduction in biting insects like mosquitoes and no-see-ums for several hundred yards or more around the Home Shield. We theorize that the Home Shield’s scalar frequencies repel parasitic pests while helping beneficial insects.

    Improved Molecular Structure of Water

    We have observed evidence that the Home Shield improves the homeopathic structure of water, ie. water molecule clustering and bond angle of water molecules. We have observed radically improved growth of plants and ferments when using water exposed to the Home Shield field for a few hours. This exposure also changes the crystallization pattern of water when frozen, and creates odd phenomenon like having water crawl or levitate up the vertical walls of the container it’s in as it freezes. In experiments, the addition of monatomic minerals ORMUS increased these phenomenon, leading our president, Ken Rohla, to theorize that the Home Shield’s scalar field affects the monatomics strongly.

    Improved Results of Massage and Other Body Work, Exercise, Meditation & Other Spiritual Practices

    Anecdotally, we have gotten a lot of feedback from body workers saying that the Home Shield improves results of body work and energy work (massage, cranial sacral therapy, chiropractic, Reiki and healing touch, etc.) and immediately balances the chakras. We have also been told by clients of significant improvement with exercise, meditation, and other spiritual practices. Some bodyworkers have said that the Home Shield helps keep negative entities away.

  • Dimensions

    Main Unit Height: 11 inches, Length: 10 inches, Width: 7-1/2 inches
    Solar Panel Unit Height: 28 inches, Panel Dimensions: 12 x 12 inches, Thickness: 2-1/2 inches. Five-year warranty.
    Total Weight: 30 lbs. (11.4 kg), Main Unit Weight: Approximately 15.5 lbs.

    Power Supply

    Caution: do not use lithium ion or any battery other than the recommended lead acid battery with the solar powered Home Shield. Lithium ion and some other batteries require "smart" computerized chargers to properly charge the battery and avoid overcharging which can result in fire or explosion. The solar panel does not have this feature and will overcharge those types of batteries, possibly resulting in injury, death, or fire.

    Both the AC and solar powered models require a 12-volt DC, 200+ cold cranking amps (CCAs) lead acid battery (not included). A type U1 lawn tractor (riding lawn mower) battery with at least 200 CCAs is recommended, since it has terminals designed for the included connectors. Generally the higher the CCAs, the longer the battery will last. Automotive, marine, and larger 12-volt lead acid vehicle batteries will work, but typically have round post terminals that the Home Shield leads cannot attach to, so you would need to install battery post terminals and attach the Home Shield leads to them, which may require some mechanical skills.

    AC Powered Model

    This model comes with a NOCO Genius 1 with automatic battery sulfation detection and repair. Also has integrated thermal sensor that monitors ambient temperature and adjusts battery charging to limit the chance of under-charging in cold temperatures down to -4 degrees F, or over-charging in hot temperatures up to 104 degrees F, better maintaining a fully charged battery.
    PDF iconYou can download the NOCO Genius Operations Manual in English, French, and Spanish here.

    Input: 120-240 Volts AC, 50-60Hz, Output: varies up to 15 volts DC, 15 Watt max.

    The power supply works on voltages worldwide, but you may need a plug adapter in your country.

    Solar Powered Model

    The solar model comes with a 12" x 12" solar panel with up to 24 volts output depending on the amount of sun it receives.


    The range for benefits affecting sleep, electromagnetic field pollution, benefits to plants, animals, and beneficial microbes is approximately a 100-foot radius in all directions. (Some people are more or less sensitive, so this may be more or less per individual.) The scalar field the Home Shield emits passes through walls and other objects, but can be diminished by aluminum. The range for improving air pollution is approximately 75 miles (120 km). The effects are stronger the closer you are to the Home Shield.


    90 Days Satisfaction Guarantee

    If within 90 days from the date of purchase on your receipt you are not satisfied with the performance of the Home Shield, you may return your working unit to the dealer where you purchased it for a full refund of the purchase price. Please note, damaged or broken units must be evaluated before issuing a refund. If the repair is not covered under warranty (see Materials and Workmanship Warranty below), you will be responsible for the cost of repair. Please contact Fresh And Alive for repair.

    Two Years Materials and Workmanship Warranty

    If within 730 days (2 years) from the date of purchase on your receipt the Home Shield fails due to a defect in materials or workmanship, please contact Fresh And Alive for return authorization. The solar panel is warranted for materials and workmanship for 5 years. No returns will be accepted without authorization. Defective units will be repaired or replaced, at our discretion, free of charge. These guarantees do not cover damage by misuse, accident, abuse, or acts of nature as determined by Fresh And Alive.

    Materials and Construction

    The cylindrical casting is composed of a nontoxic plant-based resin that does not off-gas, combined with a proprietary mixture of 16 different mineral and metal powders with crystals that include amethyst, selenite, shungite, quartz, and kyanite, powered by a pulsing scalar wave generator.

  • Fresh And Alive President, Ken Rohla,
    Shows How to Install a Home Shield

    Note: the Home Shield or solar panel do not need to be grounded, and the solar panel stake does not need to be stuck in the ground, it can be mounted anywhere that allows it to collect sunlight.

    Ken Rohla Discusses Scalar Energy, Orgone, and Orgonite

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