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E3 Live Quick Reference


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Did you know that the majority of people in the world today are unaware of the need to eliminate toxins from their bodies? Why Detox? Detoxification is the process by which the body eliminates toxins from its cells.

The sad truth is that toxins are everywhere: in food, water, air and the environment. These toxins accumulate in the body, causing very real hazards to one's health. Toxins can drain energy, make a person more susceptible to disease and infection, cause sleeplessness, cause negative emotional feelings, and more.

Continual detoxification of your body is essential for good health. E3Live is a vital element of detoxification and is recommended as part of a detox program. This thorough, easy to understand, practical chart contains a full range of information to help you in achieving and maintaining a healthy and toxin free lifestyle.

Food Combining:

Throw away all you know about the "4 basic food groups". It has been found that the 4-food-groups style of eating is detrimental to good health, creating an unhealthy, unstable biological condition in your body. The goal of correct food combining is to enhance nutrientf absorption and allow for rapid elimination of waste.

Benefits of eating a raw food diet include:

  • improved health
  • slowed aging
  • better mental clarity
  • stronger bones
  • a healthier immune system

This thorough, easy to understand, handy chart contains the principles and rules of food combining. An important key to success in your raw food lifestyle is learning what to eat and when to eat it. This information will help to simplify application and guide you in learning the process. Also included is a shopping list and two day food plan, with recipes, outlining your complete daily nutrition intake.


Using fresh, raw, and living foods to nourish, cleanse, and correct the acid vs. alkaline balance of the body, a person is able to change the toxic environment that causes disease, infection, and even addiction.

Valuable information in this chart will help you take charge and be in control of your body's health condition. You will find an overview of the raw foods lifestyle. Many health benefits are realized as a direct result of this way of living. Most people can experience a remarkably healthy life by implementing the key elements in this chart. Included is an easy-to-follow weekly lifestyle schedule.

Wheatgrass, Green Drinks, and Sprouts:

Do you know that chlorophyll has been called "nature's greatest healer?" Living foods such as wheatgrass juice, green drinks, and sprouts help your body to cleanse, boost your immune system, improve mental clarity, and slow aging.

Wheatgrass juice, green drinks, and sprouts contain exceptionally high levels of many powerful nutrients, including amino acids, phytonutrients, enzymes, antioxidants, vitamins, minerals, and high quality protein — making them one of the most perfect foods known to mankind. The body is able to utilize these elements of plant life for optimum health.

This thorough yet practical and easy-to-understand chart contains information to help you achievie a healthy lifestyle.

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