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GHC Oxy-Powder Intestinal Cleanser, 120 Capsules
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Oxy-Powder is a scientifically formulated compound that uses the power of oxygen to safely help support the body in relieving constipation by slowly releasing monatomic oxygen to the intestinal tract and body. A clean, toxin-free intestinal tract is the foundation for maintaining optimal health. Take a few capsules before bed and Oxy-Powder helps cleanse, flush, and detoxify your colon while you sleep — how easy is that?! Does not require time off work or an interruption to your daily schedule. Oxy-Powder can be used for intestinal cleansing or constipation.

Each day, your digestive system handles approximately 2-1/2 gallons of food, liquids, and bodily secretions. Your colon does not digest processed junk foods well. Waste can begin to slowly pile up within your colon and it can become impacted. The result? Constipation, irritation, and overall poor intestinal health. A toxic colon can put your health at risk. Oxy-Powder helps dislodge toxin-filled fecal matter without harming the natural flora in your intestines.

Oxy-Powder is carefully made in the USA from globally sourced ingredients under strict quality controls and processing.†

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  • Elemental Magnesium (From 2,746 mgs of Ozonated Magnesium Oxides)

    Ozonated magnesium is the only form of magnesium that is capable of releasing nascent oxygen into the digestive tract and bloodstream to support your digestive health. Oxy-Powder provides a steady, controllable stream of oxygen into your body over at least an 18-hour period.

    Natural Citric Acid

    When combined with the hydrochloric acid in your stomach, this natural compound is a catalyst for the oxygenation process. The high solubility and zero toxicity of citric acid makes it a perfect complement to the other ingredients. We only use non-GMO, natural, citric acid.


    Organic Gum Acacia

    Added as a flow agent. Global Healing's Dr. Edward Group revolutionized the supplement manufacturing industry by refusing to add toxic fillers, binders, and excipients like magnesium stearate to his products. He researched many substances, and developed and tested all natural approaches and replacements using either organic diatomaceous earth or organic gum acacia. Unfortunately, manufacturers are still using cheap, toxic compounds in their formulations.

    Kosher Certified Vegetarian Capsules

    All natural, vegan friendly, Kosher-certified. Easy to swallow, easy to digest, dissolves rapidly to quickly deliver Oxy-Powder. No preservatives or chemicals.

  • The exact number of capsules necessary will vary depending on your weight, previous dietary habits, exercise patterns, and stress levels. Start by taking 4 capsules with an eight-ounce glass of purified water on an empty stomach about an hour before going to bed. If you do not achieve 3 to 5 bowel movements the following day, increase your serving size by 1 capsule each night until 3 to 5 movements are achieved. Continue this quantity for at least 7 consecutive days. Oxy-Powder can be safely taken for 3 to 4 weeks without it becoming habit forming or harmful to your body.


    After the initial cleanse, you may take your serving size 2 to 3 times weekly or as desired to help keep your intestinal tract clean and deliver oxygen into your system. While taking Oxy-Powder, drink plenty of purified water and practice a healthy diet.

    You can take Oxy-Powder 2 or 3 times a week or less frequently as needed indefinitely without it becoming habit forming or harmful. Periodically taking a maintenance portion of Oxy-Powder® helps supply your entire body with beneficial oxygen.


    GHC Health recommends drinking plenty of pure water. This is not only healthy for the body but will aid the body in eliminating toxins from the bowel at a faster rate. Oxy-Powder works with your own body’s stomach acid (HCl). If your level of HCl is below normal, this may hinder the effectiveness of Oxy-Powder. Global Healing suggests squeezing juice from an organic lemon wedge into the eight-ounce glass of purified water when you take Oxy-Powder in the evening.


    • Keep out of reach of children.
    • Consult your healthcare provider if you have a history of cardiac or kidney disease, or for any additional concerns.

    This product causes watery and gaseous stools that could cause you to feel the urge to pass gas. If you are not able to control your bowels, please be careful when using this product. This is very different from diarrhea, which is usually caused by an infection. Oxy-Powder's loosening of stools is a byproduct of oxidation. To promote the cleansing process, Global Healing advises drinking half of your body weight in ounces of purified water daily while taking Oxy-Powder.

  • An unhealthy digestive system constipated with mucus, toxins, and other impacted waste can trigger a number of uncomfortable and embarrassing health issues such as:

    • Body odor
    • Foul breath
    • Bloating
    • Poor Appetite
    • Backaches
    • Mood Swings
    • Weight problems
    • Lack of energy
    • Weak immune system

    Oxy-Powder® helps to gently cleanse, flush, and detoxify your colon without the dangerous or embarrassing side effects of laxatives and herbal colon cleansers!

    The Oxy-Powder® Difference

    Herbal cleansers and regular laxatives can be as rough on your body as the unpleasant conditions they’re meant to alleviate. They can leave you feeling drained or as if your insides have been tied in knots.

    Oxy-Powder® provides a completely different approach to colon cleansing. Unlike harsh chemical-based cleansers, its safe, all-natural formula gradually releases cleansing oxygen into your digestive tract over an 18-hour period. Oxy-Powder® helps to liquefy and lift away mucous and sludge gently so it won’t make you a prisoner of your bathroom! With Oxy-Powder®, there’s never any urgent rush.

    When activated together, Oxy-Powder®’s unique combination of ozone-oxygenated magnesium, organic germanium-132, and citric acid help clear out deep-seated waste built up inside your intestinal system. The result is an intestinal environment with less opportunity for the accumulation of impurities, toxins, and harmful bacteria.

    Oxy-Powder® does more than just help cleanse and purify your colon. It helps create a safe environment for beneficial bacteria that naturally aid your digestive system. †

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