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Sunday, August 18, 2019, 3 to 6 pm
New Smyrna Beach, FL
Meditation and Wisdom Sessions with Brahmarshi Patriji


Coronado Civic Center
150 North Pine Street (next to the shuffleboard courts)
New Smyrna Beach, FL 32169

Contact: Devi Sreekanth Aruru
Tel: 907-302-8166

Donations at the door are welcome to help cover the event costs. This is a rare opportunity to learn meditation and spiritual wisdom, and how pyramid technology can be used to enhance those practices.

Pyramids are antennae for a subtle energy that some scientists call scalar energy. Consciousness is also an intelligent self-aware form of this energy, which is composed of superluminal light, that is, light energy that travels millions of times faster than the conventional speed of light. Our human bodies are also fractal antennae that pick up this energy just like pyramids do. So when we combine pyramids with the human form in meditation, we get an acceleration of the manifestation of our lives. In other words, much in the way that group meditation, sweat lodges, group prayer, group singing, etc. accelerate events in our lives, meditation or prayer with a pyramid can also accelerate the manifestation of what we focus upon into reality.

Brahmarshi Patri

Brahmarshi Subhash Patri, founder of the Pyramid Spiritual Society Movement, became enlightened through meditation in 1979. Since then, Patriji has been striving hard to awaken and enlighten each and every idividual. He has been spreading awareness of meditation, vegetarianism, and pyramid power across the globe, as well as their roles in healing and overall well-being.

Brahmarshi Patriji

Event host Ken Rohla is a natural health educator, researcher, and inventor from New Smyrna Beach, Florida. With a background in electrical engineering and advanced physics, Ken has a talent for explaining complex topics in physics and science simply. Ken has worked extensively with pyramid energy and other scalar energy technologies to improve health, meditation, sleep, and to enhance manifestation of thought into reality.


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