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Saturday, February 9, 2019
Eustis, Florida
Presentation by Ken Rohla: "Staying Healthy with 5G Wireless and the Internet of Things (IOT)"


2 to 4 pm
Samacore Yoga & Barre
481 W Ardice Avenue
Eustis, FL 32726

Tel: 407-538-5301
Register now, space is limited; this event will likely sell out.

We are living in an era of electromagnetic radiation billions of times above what occurs naturally, with very devastating impacts on public health. Despite over 2,000 peer-reviewed scientific studies demonstrating the dangers of non-ionizing electromagnetic radiation on humans and other living organisms, cell phone companies are pushing hard for 5th generation wireless cellular technology under the guise of increased bandwidth for not only improved cell phone services, but also implementation of the “internet of things,” an invasive global network of wi-fi enabled devices in homes and businesses. From “smart” wireless electric toothbrushes that can make a 3D map of your mouth and report your dental record to dentists (or God knows whomever else), to wi-fi enabled toasters that can notify you on your smart phone when your toast is ready (and report your usage to the manufacturer, etc.), to smart kitchen appliances that can do the same while spying on you and sending your most intimate personal data not only to the manufacture to sell to other companies to profile you for a variety of reasons, but also to intelligence agencies like the US National Security Agency, Drug Enforcement Agency, Defense Intelligence Agency, Homeland Security, FBI, IRS, local police, etc., as confirmed by former NSA chief technology officer, William Binney, the man who designed the NSA’s automated surveillance systems.

As if the electromagnetic field (EMF) pollution isn’t already bad enough, 5th generation wireless technologies will not only usher in ubiquitous EMF in almost every nook and cranny of our world, but also through the implementation of wireless “smart” devices, create a surveillance state that even George Orwell could not have imagined. Sounds pretty dire, and yet, there are solutions for all of it! Come hear Ken Rohla share solutions to these problems that you can do to protect yourself and your loved ones. Bring note-taking instruments, Ken always gives out a lot of very specific useful info!

$10.00 advance registration required
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