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Sun-Sun, June 16-23, 2019
Visoko, Sarajevo, & Zavidovići, Bosnia-Herzegovina
Bosnian Pyramid Summer Solstice Conference, Tour, and Festival


For more info or to register, contact the Bosnian Pyramid of the Sun Foundation
Conference location:
Hotel Radon Plaza
Dzemala Bijedica St 185
Sarajevo 71000, Bosnia-Herzegovina

Talks by Ken Rohla:
Tuesday, June 18, 5-7 pm
The Science of Pyramid Energy: What is it, and What Can We Do With it?
Friday, June 21, 5-7 pm
Scalar Energetics and the Ravne Tunnel Healing Energy

There have been many names for pyramid energy throughout human history, and in recent decades this energy has been studied by science, lending a better understanding of its nature and what can be done with it. What is the nature of this energy and what practical applications can we use it for in our own lives? We are all part of a divine interlinked galactic matter energy system, and understanding how pyramids and you function as part of that galactic energy circuit can have many profound and practical applications in your life. Ken Rohla will discuss how breakthroughs in cymatics, scalar physics, epigenetics, astronomy and cosmology, food, water, energy practices, healing arts, and more have greatly expanded our understanding of this energy and what we can do with it to enhance our food, water, homes, gardens, environment, and ourselves.

Ken will also discuss the healing energetics of the Ravne Tunnels in the pyramid complex. There have been many amazing healings taking place inside the Ravne Tunnels, including stage 4 lung cancer, Parkinson’s Disease, pain, fibromyalgia, high blood pressure, asthma, and more.

For detailed travel tips to the Bosnian pyramid conference and surrounding areas, see Ken Rohla's blog article "Visiting the Bosnian Pyramids: Travel Tips for Bosnia and Croatia."


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