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Principles of Regaining Health and Energy Naturally

According to American Cancer Society statistics, half of all American men and one third of women will develop cancer in their lifetimes,* and that rate is increasing. How absurd, and that doesn't include the myriad of other degenerative illnesses and disease also afflicting people! One hundred years ago, cancer was almost nonexistent. The cause of disease, including life-threatening ones like cancer, is not some mysterious random luck of the draw, despite what some would have you believe. Nor is the cure. There are very specific dietary, environmental, lifestyle choices, and mental/emotional states that lead to disease of any kind. In a world with 400 billion pounds of chemicals produced each year, nutrient deficient irradiated chemical-laden food, and cell phone microwave radiation and electrosmog hundreds of millions of times above natural levels, most Americans now are so chemically toxic, irradiated, and stressed, they are aging prematurely and suffering from an array of degenerative health problems. What can you do? In this 30-minute teleseminar, discover the principles of cellular regeneration, detoxification, nutrient-dense nutrition, emotional healing, and reprogramming limiting subconscious beliefs, and you'll never have to worry about feeling bad or developing "incurable" disease again!

Never fear the specter of life-threatening degenerative illness again!

Learn the principles to have boundless energy, feel good physically and emotionally all the time; eliminate pain, improve physical strength, stamina, or athletic performance, memory and brain function; balance sex drive and function as needed (for impotence or sex addiction), maintain proper weight and eat all you want without cravings, balance hormones, and more. (You can be strong, look fit, and yet be very unhealthy.) When you know the principles of true health and where ALL disease starts, you are set free from the fear, ignorance, and suffering so pervasive in modern society. There are no incurable diseases, only incurable people! Join Ken for this life-changing teleseminar.

* "Probability of Developing Invasive Cancers (%) Over Selected Age Intervals by Sex, US, 2003-2005*", American Cancer Society
(Original source: National Cancer Institute, Statistical Research and Applications Branch, 2008)

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Receive cutting-edge news for regaining or maintaining optimal health naturally