Fresh and Alive Raw Vegetarian Recipes with Ken Rohla


Hippocrates Health Educator, Ken Rohla, shows you step-by-step how to make 27 of his exclusive, easy, and great-tasting recipes, from salads and raw pasta dishes to crackers, snacks, smoothies, and desserts, including information on proper food combining, recommended equipment and its use, juicing wheatgrass and green drinks, food prep tricks, and much more. With over 3-1/2 hours of video on two DVDs, this will show you the techniques to also make the variety of dishes found in other raw food recipe books. Each recipe is indexed in the DVD menu so you can go right to the recipe you want to watch — no wading through a long video to find what you're looking for. Comes with the recipes in a booklet for quick reference in your kitchen, and a food combining chart for enjoying truly healthy raw vegan meals.

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Tex-Mex Pistachios

Daikon Salad


Video Index

DVD 1 (101 Minutes) MINUTES
Introduction: Why Raw Vegetarian?; Food Combining; Importance of Organic Food; Healthy Oils, Salts, & Sweeteners; Kitchen Equipment: Blenders, Food Processors, Juicers 20:04
Easy Kitchen Sprouting 6:58
Juicing Wheatgrass, Cleaning the Juicer 10:17
Ken's Green Drink 11:57
Ken's Cuke Cooler 3:13
Chocolate (Cacao) Smoothie 5:55
Deep Blue Smoothie 3:30
Pineapple Sports Drink, Slicing A Pineapple 5:50
Mediterranean Dressing 2:20
Lebanese Dressing 6:55
French Dressing 4:17
Jackie Chan's Dressing 4:53
Japanese Dressing 4:16
Corn Chips, Using A Dehydrator 10:12
Raw Vegan Pimento Cheese 0:22
Guacamole Mexicali 8:00

DVD 2 (116 Minutes)

Raw Hummus 3:34
Tex-Mex Pistachios 8:15
Raw Tacos 14:00
Salad Sprinkles 0:55
Daikon Salad, Using A Spiral Slicer 9:55
Pad Thai 8:15
Zucchini Pasta 7:00
French Squash Pasta 2:10
Power Salads 10:36
Almond Tabouli 13:36
Greek Cucumber Salad 10:46
Avocado Salad 9:35
Coconut Tomato Salad, Shelling A Mature Coconut 13:43
Sweet Pea Salad 3:50